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Welcome to the York Road Primary School Blog page. Find all the school circulars past and present. We will blog about what is relevant and new at the school. Please feel free to comment. Thank you

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  1. I want my daughter who is in grade 4b to complete the the year but she is at risk as she is asthmatic can you please inform me about what to do. Thank you

  2. Nathan Overmeyer

    Is it possible to post a photograph of the old York Road Primary School. I was a student the during Principal Pearson I finish std 5 in 1976. Maybe in an archive section also the tie.
    I recall our school colours were Gray , Green and Tangerine

  3. Im trying to get into the google classroom but im not succeeding ive been emailing even your IT department is mailing but still no way im.winning here and im aware there’s work on the classroom but I can’t access to see if my child is up to date is there anyone who is able to assist

  4. Good day
    I have received an email confirming i will receive another email with log in details for my daughter in grade 4a but i haven’t received anything and am unable to access her details on Google classroom to receive her report pls assist i BEEN struggling and nothing is working.

  5. Good day,

    I want to find out step-by-step how to check my children’s reports. Please advise how to do this. Thanks so much.

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