Notice 08/2023


Herewith, is an invitation for your attendance at the Annual Budget Meeting (30-day notice) to be held on Tuesday, 14 November 2023, at 19:00 in the school hall. The proposed budget and school fees for 2024 will be presented.

The budget will need to be approved by the majority of parents present and their voting and decision will be binding on all parents/guardians. The current school fee for 2023 is R 6 400.00 and the proposed school fee for 2024 is R 6 500.00.

A copy of the draft budget will be available for inspection and for the input of parents from 31 October 2023 in consultation with the Principal, Teaching Staff, and the Governing Body (14 days prior to the meeting). Any questions must please be emailed to

Financial assistance is available to parents who qualify according to the criteria and regulations set out in the South African Schools Act. (Government Gazette 29311 of 18 October 2006). Any parent may apply for financial assistance. The application will then be addressed according to the criteria set out in the South African Schools Act. Further information can be obtained from the bursar of the school.

The agenda points for the meeting are as follows:

  1. Welcome;
  2. Acceptance of minutes of previous Budget meeting held on the 15 November 2022;
  3. Message by the Governing Body Chairperson;
  4. Presentation of current school fees and proposed school fees for 2024 (where applicable) and approval thereof;
  5. Fee exemption procedures and applications (where applicable);
  6. Additional remuneration of WCED employees (SASA, Section 38 (a)) – Budget School Governing Body posts/contacts – CS and Non-Cs educators – Budget; and
  7. Motion: Presentation and approval of the proposed budget for 2024.

Parents/Guardians are requested to please attend the meeting to approve the budget in respect of the 2024 financial year.

Thanking you in advance

Yours sincerely

Mr. M. Johnson

Date: 17 October 2023

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