Notice 06/2023


On the 23/06/2023 York Road Primary School issued their first e-report, for your convenience, you can save the PDF report to your device and print the report.

Advantages of the YRPS e-report:

  • Email saves on paper – hence saves costs and the environment
  • The learner report can be saved to your device and easily forwarded.
  • Email allows for instant access to the Learner report.
  • Email is accessible from anywhere – the learner report is sent directly to you – as long as you have an internet connection.

NB: The learner report is emailed to the YRP email address that was assigned to you. It is important that you load the YRP email on your device to access important learner emails as well as the Google Classroom.

To do this – visit the Google Classroom 101 page.

Below are the sample reports for Gr1 – Gr7:

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