Notice: 02/2022

Re: School Times

Dear Parents/ Guardians

It has come to our attention that some parents have misinterpreted the school times as prescribed by the Education Department with regard to Contact/Teaching time.

The school day (Contact Time/Teaching Time) starts at 08h00 each day. Learners therefore have to arrive at school by 07h55 to allow sufficient time for screening and for the learner to walk to their classroom.

Dismissal times reflect the time at which the last lesson for the day ends (End of Contact Time). Learners then need to pack their school bags, line up and walk to the school gates. It is therefore important to allow time for this to take place.

Please see the Dismissal Timetable below which will assist parents with this process.

We appreciate the patience and support of our parents who value the quality education we strive to deliver at York Road Primary.

Yours in Education

Mr. M. Johnson

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