Mr R Mason – Retiring

Today our Deputy Headmaster – Mr Roger Mason – is retiring. 42 of his 65 years were spent on building a career in education. This is a lifetime – step back Mr Mason and appreciate how far you have come. Not only is this a time to reflect, but also a time to spend with your family. You now have the opportunity to devote your time to the things (other than school) that you are passionate about.

As you may know, Mr Mason was instrumental in starting the library at York Road Primary School in 1985. Today the library is named the Roger Mason Library, which boasts a full media facility. The departure of Mr Mason became a reality for us at York Road Primary School today, when he visited each class to say goodbye. Science lessons from Mr Mason will be sorely missed, as was expressed by students.

Farewell Mr Mason and thank you for all the years of love and dedication to your profession and for your valuable contribution you made to York Road Primary School. Our best wishes accompany you as you embark on this new chapter in your life.

9 thoughts on “Mr R Mason – Retiring”

  1. Veronique october

    Farewell Mr Mason…. You will truly be missed especially as Taegan was looking forward to experience your teaching… Enjoy your family time…. Many blessings

  2. Mr Mason thanks for all the effort u put on York Road Primary to become what it is today, may u be blessed and be happy in your time with your family, what I like u left our kids with ur legacy

  3. It has been such a honor to have known Mr Mason who has teach all 5 my children and had a hand in creating the young men and women they are today..A well deserved retirement to Mr Mason and well deserved rest after a lot of years giving his best to each child and the extra mile he went..I wish Mr Mason all the best and a well deserved break to enjoy whatever he sets his mind too..Shukran Mr Mason from the Wilsnach Family ? ❤

  4. Thank you for your dedication towards York Road Primary over the years Mr Mason, enjoy every minute of your retirement, God bless you sir

  5. We thank all our parents for their kind words. We will inform Mr Mason of your posts ?. Best regards, Hayley Louw ?️

  6. Good evening parents thanks so much for those kind words and good wishes for my retirement. I enjoyed all these past years teaching your children and making a difference in their young lives. They added so much joy and satisfaction to my years at YRP and I will also miss them dearly. But it is now my time to say farewell and best wishes to all the pupils present and past and I am confident that they will all be successful in their chosen careers. God bless you all.

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