Library News T1/2022

Library News

Dear Parents/Guardians

York Road Primary has the privilege to offer our learners the experience of a school library.  All learners, Grade R to 7, enjoy a library period once a week.

During these library periods, learners are taught book care, basic library practice, are exposed to reading and are given an opportunity to gain an appreciation, if not love for books.

Our learners will be allowed to borrow books.  The borrowing of books will gradually be phased in. The phased in system is because we require more time to educate the learners on book care and basic library practice before they commence borrowing. Many of our Foundation Phase learners have not been exposed to a library on a regular basis.

Borrowing privileges will commence as follows:

Grade 5,6,7Term 1
Grade 4Term 2 (April)
Grade 3Term 2 (May)
Grade 2Term 3
Grade R and 1Will not be borrowing books this year.

Learners will receive a Library Borrowing Pledge.  This pledge has to be read and signed by parent/guardian and learner acknowledging rules and requirements for borrowing books from York Road Primary.

Our learners are required to have a library bag, in which they will place their library book.  This is COMPULSORY. No learner will be allowed to borrow a book without this bag. The bag must be waterproof and should be sealed.  A plastic envelope is advisable but has to be replaced when it is broken as learners will NOT be able to use it if it broken (no longer waterproof).

We encourage parents/guardians to instill the importance of reading and to model this to your child/ren.

When we read we are able to travel to many places, meet many people and understand the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Yours in Education

R Hill                 &            MC Johnson
(Librarian)                     (Principal)

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