Grade R

DH: Mrs T Lambert

Our learning programmes include Emergent Literacy, Emergent Mathematics and Life Skills which are taught in a progressive and meaningful way.

Our integrated approach enhances the development of the learner as a whole.

The classrooms and the daily programme ensures an exciting environment in which to learn.

Children must play in order to learn. Our programme is geared toward creating ample opportunities for quality and meaningful play.

Each learner engages in a variety of play and learning activities such as imaginative play, building with blocks and other construction materials, manipulative play activities, play apparatus for gross motor development, painting and craft activities.

Our goal is to equip each learner with the necessary skills as they embark on their journey to formal schooling. As teachers, we support them on the road to independence and encourage them to face all obstacles with confidence.

Mrs Z Moerat

Grade R1

Mrs S Mackrill

Grade R2

Mrs C Phineas

Grade R3