foundation phase

Grade 1

DH: Mrs T Lambert

This Grade is packed with important and exciting transitions as your child leaves behind much of the play activities and begins to develop more structured academic skills.

This is where the foundation of your child’s primary grades are set. Your child will become more independent as we develop their potential and ability to learn. The curriculum comprises of English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Mathematics and Life Skills.

Prepare your child for success by contributing to the learning process through your support and encouragement. “Let’s make education better together

Mrs R Adams

Grade 1A

Mrs T Smith

Grade 1B

Mrs L Davids

Grade 1C

Grade 2

DH: Mrs T Lambert

Our programme is geared towards the student’s holistic development to accelerate and expand knowledge and skills in a rigorous and safe environment.

Through “play and learn” we promote the child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. As teachers we have the exciting and rewarding task of teaching children the foundations of reading, writing and numeracy.

Our team made up of the teacher, learner and parent, aims to build a strong foundational knowledge. This will assist learners to become confident, happy and caring individuals, who will achieve personal success, and develop a love for learning.

Mrs T Muller

Grade 2A

Miss L Vincent

Grade 2B

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Miss M Burger

Grade 2C

Grade 3

DH: Mrs T Lambert

This is the final building block of the Foundation Phase.

Learners adopt a sense of importance for being the seniors. A rapid growth of maturity is noticeable in their independence, mindset and physical appearance. So parents….it’s time to let go of the apron strings.

For physical development, this is the grade we start introducing netball and soccer as an extra mural activity in the second term.

Learners are tested externally (Systemic Testing) in October by the WCED. Learners will be exposed to the pressures of an extremely busy and full curriculum.

Mrs T Lambert

Grade 3A

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Mrs S Pandy

Grade 3B

Miss K Hermanus

Grade 3C