WCED Vision

Quality education to every child in every classroom in every school in the province.
Promoting values, Driving learning

Three overarching WCED strategic objectives:
Improve number and quality of NSC results
Improve level of Maths and Language outcomes in all schools
Improve the quality of education in poorer communities

Functionality of schools
Quality teaching in every classroom for the entire lesson, and
Effective and enabling governance at all schools.


York Road has developed an IT strategy to implement technology as part of the curriculum in the near future. Like all plans there are phases and criteria of security around equipment.

Our new fence is being installed. Upon completion, it concludes the first phase of the security plan. We will soon move onto the next phase and then onto the implementation of the IT.

Our aim is to introduce our students to technology at an educational level. In this manner they will become skilled in using technology tools for research and work.