Circular: 02/2020

03 June 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians

I trust that you are all healthy and keeping safe at home, as this is the best place to be if you wish to have your parents and loved ones with you for a long time.  I’d like to thank all our dedicated teachers for coming on board and learning to do on-line teaching at their own cost to ensure that learners are stimulated to continue to learn during this lockdown period. This shows dedication and true commitment.

Thank you to parents and learners, who also adapted to online learning.  A big thank you to our Maintenance Staff who continue to work tirelessly to sanitize each classroom, toilets, admin block and hall according to COVID 19 safety regulations.


The school has received the necessary PPE’s (face masks and sanitizing materials). However, it would be appreciated if parents could supply additional cloth masks, as all children are required to wear their own face mask upon arrival at school.  Learners are also advised to bring hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wet wipes, liquid soap and a toilet roll for personal usage.  These items must be clearly labelled and kept in a sealed ‘COVID pack’ and it must remain in their possession at all times (no sharing).  They are also encouraged to have their own stationery and textbooks as no sharing of these items will be allowed for hygienic purposes.


Upon arrival at school the learners will asked 5 questions related to their health condition.

The temperature of every learner will also be taken.  If the learner’s temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celcius, the parent will be contacted immediately to fetch your child from school. 

Parents are then advised to seek medical attention and to keep the school informed as to the outcome.  Note that the teachers are considered “frontline workers” and have to ensure the safety of all other children.


  • Only the school gate at the “Drop and Go” area on the corner of Barend and Edgar Road will be opened for learners.
  • Entrance and Exit for learners will only be via this gate.
  • Access commences from 07h30.
  • Screening will be done before learners are escorted to their classes.
  • In compliance with COVID 19 regulations, parents and guardians will not be allowed on the premises for staff and learners safety.


Please note the Government Gazetted dates for the re-opening of schools:



Grades R, 1, 2, 3, 6

6 July 2020

Grades 4, 5

3 August 2020


The WCED has drafted guidelines detailing any comorbidities that may prohibit learners returning to school.  Parents who have learners who suffer any of the listed comorbidities will have to provide the medical proof and complete an application form to allow learners to stay at home.  The application documentation is attached (Annexure A; B and C) and parents are requested to complete it.  The school will then provide the necessary schoolwork via the Google Class Platform, or in the form of Learning Packs which will be sent home to these learners to help them keep abreast with the rest of their classmates.

We have no directive from the WCED to de-register learners if they do not attend school.  We may only de-register a learner if the parent requests a transfer.  As long as your child is on our register and you are paying school fees, we will not de-register your child.


The educators have been providing work via the Google Class platform.  Once the different grades have returned, the school will focus on intensive revision, so that learners who were not fortunate enough to have the use of the internet can “catch up.”  The WCED is also adjusting the syllabus and have changed the term dates so that learners are not disadvantaged.  The school is focusing on a drafting a revised daily programme which will allow for, the readjustment of class sizes with adequate social distancing in the classroom, in the playground and with the use of the toilet facilities.


The SGB would like to thank those parents who diligently pay their fees and are up to date.  Now that the admin staff is back we request you do an EFT payment into the school banking account and to update your current data information.

Our banking details are: –

Account Name

York Road Primary


First National Bank



Branch Code


Account No.



Learner’s name, surname and Grade

We greatly appreciate the positive feedback and acknowledgement from our parents.  We understand your anxiety and fears as we wade through unchartered waters and we trust that you would make an informed decision.  The York Road staff will continue to ensure the safety of your child.  Continue wearing your masks, practising social distancing and hand sanitizing so that we can defeat the virus.

Yours in Education



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