Circular 3/2022

Re: Return of all learners to School

Dear Parents/ Guardians

We have had a successful start to our 2022 academic year. We thank all parents who have paid their stationery money and have covered the child’s notebooks and textbooks. 

It was disappointing to note that many parents did not take the opportunity to meet their child’s class educator during our First Parent Meetings (31 January to 03 February 2022). We were only able to obtain a 69% parent attendance. We would like to encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education. Continue to monitor and supervise your children’s work, your efforts and dedication are much appreciated.

On the 31st January 2022, the Minister of Education announced that all learners are to return to school on a daily basis as from 07 February 2022. The Minister will be hosting a Media briefing on Sunday, 06 February 2022 at 10h00. In anticipation of further details which the Minister will deliver tomorrow our Red/Blue Attendance Programme will be suspended effective 07 February 2022 and all learners are to return to school on Monday, 07 February 2022.

We understand many parents have concerns but we wish to reassure you that at York Road Primary we will continue to implement the following Covid Protocols:

  • All learners to wear a face mask and have an additional mask in their school bag
  • Regular sanitizing of hands
  • Learners have to bring hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wet wipes, liquid soap and a toilet roll for personal use
  • have their own stationery and textbooks as no sharing of any items will be allowed.


To ensure the safety of all learners the following precautions will still be in place:

  • access control protocols
  • screening processes
  • social distancing markers
  • supervised intervals to ensure social distancing
  • staggered dismissal
  • sanitizing of classrooms


Upon arrival at school, should your child not meet the screening criteria which includes

  • a temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius
  • display cough, shortness of breath or sore throat
  • have been in contact with a COVID positive person

You will be contacted and your child will be sent home immediately. Parents are advised to seek medical attention and to keep the school informed as to the outcome.

Pre-screening must be done by parents, at home, to avoid your child being turned away at the gate.

If your child is ill, PLEASE keep him/her at home.


  • Access at the “Drop & Go” Area for Grade R – 4 learners will commence from 07h20. DO NOT send your child before this time as there are no educators on duty to screen the learners.
  • The Holmes Road entrance gates (Hall) will open at 07h35 and close at 07h55. This entrance is only for Grade 5 – 7 learners.
  • Screening will be done before learners are escorted to their lines.


  • All Grade R – 4 learners will be dismissed via the “Drop & Go” gate.
  • All Grade 5 – 7 learners will be dismissed via the Holmes Road gates (Back of school hall) Dismissal via this gate will only take place between 14h20 – 14h50.


R08h00 – 13h0008h00 – 12h00
108h00 – 13h4008h00 – 12h05
208h00 – 13h5008h00 – 12h10
308h00 – 14h1508h00 – 12h10
408h00 – 14h3008h00 – 12h15
508h00 – 14h3008h00 – 12h15
608h00 – 14h3508h00 – 12h20
708h00 – 14h3508h00 – 12h20


Please do not park at the access gates or on the bend in Lower York Road. Parking is available in all the side streets. Park away from the Access gates and walk your child to the entrance. It is our intention to maintain our positive relationship with our school neighbours so please do not park across their driveways or block the  access to their premises.


Thank you to all parents who are courteous and respectful towards our safety officers, staff, neighbours and other road users. We appreciate your patience and co-operation.

In compliance with Covid 19 regulations, parents will not be allowed onto the school premises.

Parents are able to contact the school via:

Please note that the school communicates with parents via the Schools Rise Communicator platform. It is therefore important that all parents download the app. Please also refer to the school’s website for updates.


We appeal to parents to pay School Fees as the funds are required to create a clean and safe environment as well as to provide quality education.

Please deposit school fees directly into the School’s Bank Account.

ACCOUNT NAME:York Road Primary School
BANK:First National Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER:5488 163 0403
REFERENCE:Name Surname and Grade of learner

Please send proof of payment to the Bursar by email:

We look forward to your continued support and co-operation.

Yours in Education

Mr. M. Johnson

6 thoughts on “Circular 3/2022”

  1. Clearly noted, thank you. But what about parents/Guardians who still have to get to work by 8am if Gr 5-7 can only enter from 07:35? is their an alternative in place?

  2. Hi there l would like to register my child for grade R for next year 2023.please let me know the process l don’t want to wait till last minute. Kindly assist.

  3. Mrs Woeryda Riley

    Good day,

    Thank you for your correspondence.

    I would like to inquire what procedures are put in place in the classrooms for social distancing, regular had washing and sanitizing?
    My little girl has been sick a total of three times from the last week in February until the last week in March. I have spent thousands of Rands on Dr bills and medication?
    Surely it is the responsibility of the teacher as well as the parents to keep their kids at home if their children are sick. This is also affecting her attendance record at school.
    I have to be honest this is becoming alarming to me as a parent.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your response.

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