Circular 20/2020

Dear Parent

The Covid 19 Pandemic has resulted in one of the most difficult and challenging years in the history of Education in all of our lives as parents, teachers and learners alike.  Unfortunately, it is NOT over and it will continue to plague us all in 2021. Notwithstanding, York Road and its parent community must continue to soldier against the virus as they have in an effort to survive.

I would like to pay tribute to our brave learners who struggled to apply themselves at school and at home, despite having to adapt to the protocols and its daily challenges.  Parents, you were not able to see your children as they found themselves restricted by social distancing and unnatural conditions, but despite the challenges, I can assure you, they adapted and survived like brave warriors.

Thank you parents for the patience you have shown by conforming to the rigorous rules and regulations which controlled the learners’ attendance at schools.  Thank you for using WhatsApp, Google Classroom and Rise School Communicator, despite the financial burden it created.

The administrative demands of the WCED has kept the staff extremely busy.  The staff have been tireless in their efforts to “make it work” as they sacrificed time and effort to provide a professional ethos for the learners. 

This year, as we bid farewell to our 2020 Grade 7 learners under the most unfamiliar circumstances, I would like to wish them well as they venture out to new and exciting school careers at their respective High Schools. I trust that they will continue to make York Road proud of them.

SCHOOL FEES for GRADES 1 – 7 for 2021

This year our Budget Meeting had a record attendance of parents.  Thank you to the parents who attended.  The Finance Department decided that ALL budgets would be reduced to a minimum and ALL projects would be put on hold.  The SGB and School Management Team are very aware of the extreme financial burden which the Pandemic has given rise to.  It is however, essential that the SGB staff component, as well as the Municipal expenses and the day-to-day maintenance of the school continue to be paid.

While the annual budget was reduced by R3 million, it is an absolute necessity to raise the annual fees by 9%.  This decision was unanimously accepted by the parents in attendance.  Parents who are unable to pay the fees are encouraged to apply for the ‘Exemption of School Fees in 2021’

The new fee structure for 2021 is as follows:

  • R6100 per annum which is payable as follows
  • R1525 at the beginning of each term ..
  • R610 over 10 months (Jan – Oct) to be paid into the schools banking account.

I would like to thank ALL parents who paid their school fees for 2020 and encourage parents with outstanding balances to please settle their accounts in the coming month.


We say farewell to Ms Alicia Kay, our FOUNDATION PHASE Grade 2 educator.  Ms Kay will be transferring to another school in 2021.  She started her teaching at York Road in 2010 in a Grade R class.  After 10 years of service, she leaves behind an indelible track record of loyalty, innovation, creativity and committed teaching service.  I wish her well and trust that she will enjoy her new school.


The new Grade R and 1 learners will attend school on the Tuesday 26 January 2021 as part of their official orientation.  Every parent of the new learners will receive an email from the school explaining their BLUE and RED grouping as well as other important information. 

School commences for the learners on Wednesday 27 January 2021.  The school will continue with the Covid 19 protocols and once again the learners have been split into the BLUE and RED groups as per the attendance calendar sent with their reports. 


The school commences at 08h00 daily.

 Dismissal times for the first week of the new term are as follows:





 27 – 29 January 2021



08h00 – 12h00

08h00 – 12h00


08h00 – 12h20

08h00 – 12h05


08h00 – 12h35

08h00 – 12h10


08h00 – 12h45

08h00 – 12h10


08h00 – 12h50

08h00 – 12h15


08h00 – 12h55

08h00 – 12h15


08h00 – 13h00

08h00 – 12h20


08h00 – 13h00

08h00 – 12h20

 Revised dismissal time schedule will be issued during the 1st week of the 2021 for the rest of the 1st term.

2ND HAND CLOTHING SALE (2nd week of 2021)

Please note that a 2nd hand clothing sale will take place in the ‘Stop and Go’ area on the following days:






10h00 to 11h00





10h00 to 11h00



10h00 to 11h00



In conclusion,

After 24 years as York Road Primary’s Principal, the time has come for me to officially retire.  I want to sincerely thank the SGB, the staff, the parents and the various stakeholders with whom I worked over the years.  Thank you for your cooperation and perseverance.  The journey has often been rough and challenging, as I lead the school through both good and challenging periods.  In retrospect, it was also spiritually fulfilling.  I will continue to give God all the glory for what York Road has achieved over the years. I would like to wish the new Principal and Deputy all of the success as they take the school to new and unexplored heights. 

In closing, may CHRISTMAS remain a time of peace and goodwill for all our Christian families.

May you all enjoy a peaceful festive season and end-of-year holiday as you STAY SAFE!!!  Hard work deserves a well-earned rest. I trust that you will all return in 2021 refreshed and ready to join the school and its new leadership in an effort to provide the best standards in education.

Yours in Education 




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  1. Good day

    I would like to know, how do one apply apply for the exemption for the school fees for a grade 1 learner

    Hoping you could assist, and thanking you in advance.

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