Circular 13/2023

All Grade R to 7 learners have to attend school for the remainder of Term 4.


01 December 2023

All outstanding Textbooks to be handed in.

All lost or damaged textbooks must be paid.

06 December 2023Grade 7 Awards
07 December 2023Grade R Excursion
07 December 2023Mediators End of Term
11 December 2023Quarterly Awards – Grade R – 6
12 December 2023Learners’ final day


Dismissal times for the remainder of Term 4 are as follows:


 22 November 2023


11 December 2023


R08h00 – 12h4508h00 – 12h00
108h00 – 12h5008h00 – 12h05
208h00 – 12h5008h00 – 12h05
308h00 – 12h5508h00 – 12h10
408h00 – 12h5508h00 – 12h15
508h00 – 13h0008h00 – 12h10
608h00 – 13h0508h00 – 12h15
708h00 – 13h1008h00 – 12h20

Dismissal time for the last day of Term 4, 12 December 2023 will be at 11h00.


THE DECEMBER REPORTS will only be sent via the learners’ YRPS email.

So get connected now!

If you have not received your son/daughter’s Term 3 Report, please register and set up your child’s York Road Primary email address immediately.

Please visit the link: e-Report Assist

Scroll down and select the appropriate option to register, see instructions on how to set up your YRPS email and join the Google Classroom or reset your forgotten password.

If you require further assistance please contact our IT Department – Mr. Louw on



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  1. If I may ask….how would we get the school list for next year….so that we can plan for the new year and stationery

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