Circular 11/2021

Dear Parent

The Term ahead will not be an easy one as we are still dealing with the challenges posed by the Covid 19 pandemic. We know we can depend on your continued support and co-operation as we navigate this new Term.

The Minister of Education announced that learners will return to school on 26 July 2021 subject to the State President, Cyril Ramaphosa’s, announcement which will be delivered on Sunday, 25th July 2021. We are in constant contact with the WCED and have received guidance from our Circuit Manager regarding the safe reopening of our school.


School commences for the Red Group on Monday 26 July 2021.  Once again the learners will attend school according to the RED/BLUE Programme as per the attendance calendar which is available in colour on Rise School Communicator. We are still awaiting correspondence from the WCED with regard to the return of all learners which is scheduled for the 02 August 2021. We will provide further guidance with regard to the return of all learners on a daily basis in the next circular.


During Term 2 and 3 it is compulsory for all learners to wear the winter uniform as stipulated in the School’s Code of Conduct. (Available on the schools website

Extract from Code of Conduct

q  Winter uniforms during the 2nd and 3rd terms of school.
q  The appearance of learners in uniform must promote a good public image of the school.
q  It is expected that all pupils of York Road Primary School wear his or her school uniform to and from school.
1.     BOYS: (winter)GIRLS:  winter:  (2nd and 3rd quarters)
q  Grey long flannels with a beltq  Grey skirt
q  White shirtq  School tie
q  School tieq  White shirt
q  Bottlegreen jersey and  bottlegreen blazer with badgeq  Grey knitted pantihose / socks
q  Grey socksq  Brown school shoes
q  Brown lace up shoesq  Bottlegreen jersey and blazer with badge
q  Bottlegreen drimac / raincoat / caps / scarvesq  Bottlegreen drimac / raincoat / caps / scarves


The school will continue with the implementation of all Covid 19 protocols. Please ensure your child is wearing a face mask which cover his/her nose and mouth. Place an additional mask in a plastic bag in your child’s case.

Upon arrival at school, should your child not meet the screening criteria which includes

  • a temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius
  • display cough, shortness of breath or sore throat
  • have been in contact with a COVID positive person

You will be contacted and your child will be sent home immediately.

Pre-screening must be done by parents, at home, to avoid your child being turned away at the gate.

If your child is ill, PLEASE keep them at home.

Parents are advised to seek medical attention and to keep the school informed as to the outcome. 


The school commences at 08h00 daily. Please ensure your child arrives punctually (before 07h55). We do not have an educator available to screen learners who arrive late, as all educators are in their classes.

Dismissal times for are as follows:

R08h00 – 13h0008h00 – 12h00
108h00 – 13h4008h00 – 12h05
208h00 – 13h4508h00 – 12h10
308h00 – 14h1508h00 – 12h10
408h00 – 14h2008h00 – 12h15
508h00 – 14h2508h00 – 12h15
608h00 – 14h3008h00 – 12h20
708h00 – 14h3508h00 – 12h20


Please do not park at the access gates or on the bend in Lower York Road. Parking is available in all the side streets. Park away from the Access gates and walk your child to the entrance. It is our intention to maintain our positive relationship with our school neighbours so please do not park across their driveways or block the access to their premises.


Thank you to all parents who are courteous and respectful towards our safety officers, staff, neighbours and other road users. We appreciate your patience and co-operation. 


Term 2 Reports will be issued in the 2nd week of the Third Term.

In closing, we look forward to a productive and fruitful Third Term.

Yours in Education




 TERM  3

3 thoughts on “Circular 11/2021”

  1. Rayghana Achmat

    As a concern parent I’m not liking the idea of children returning to school full time, not now and not while there is no reliable vaccine available.

    1. Crystal Maneveldt

      Dear Mrs Achmat,
      As a parent I am as equally concerned about the children’s, as well as the educators of YRP, welfare. Question, you say ‘reliable’, is any vaccine reliable? More specifically, these vaccines made available to stem/cure/stop the virus.
      Ma’am, you must be aware of people who have had the vaccine, and have still contracted Covid? Some passed away, some pulled through, and I thank God for those.
      The only thing that we can do right now, as parents, is to play our part-educate our children, sad as this social distancing can be, teach them to to cough into a tissue/crook of their arms etc, sanitize often, and wash their hands as often as possible, hugging and playing and running about is unfortunately a no-no, for now. Not forgetting to still teach them to love despite, to be patient and still practice kindness. To forgive, but not tolerate nonsense.

      The educators are under enormous strain as it is, I can only imagine. Let’s not add to it, let’s rather just help each other. As much as possible.

  2. Sulaiman Emandien

    Good day,
    I am a parent of two pupils at York Road.I appreciate all the protocols the school has put in place for the safety of our children.I would however think it is impossible for the kids to return to school on a full time basis and still social distance with the amount of pupils in a class.I would appreciate any feedback as to what the plan forward would be.
    Thank you

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