Circular 05/2024

We have reached the end of another challenging term.

On behalf of the School Governing Body and the York Road staff members, we wish to thank parents who continue to support us during this term, not just by paying the essential school fees, which is an essential part if running the school, but by working alongside and not against us, in the best interest of our learners. We have had numerous challenges to contend with, as parents are not familiar with the line of function:  reporting matters of concern to the Educator, Head of Department, followed by the Principal.  Should the matter not be resolved, to the satisfaction of the complainant, the matter is escalated to the Western Cape Education Department. This practice has become more prevalent and very disappointing. I urge parents to please follow the proper protocols and afford us the opportunity to manage concerns at our school before escalating it to a higher authority, as the matter will be returned to the school to manage.

Here, at York Road Primary, we have noticed a rise in unacceptable behaviour among our learners, challenging regulations set in our Code of Conduct.  Learner conduct towards one another is deteriorating.  I appeal to parents and guardians, to monitor our precious learners; check their cell phones, prevent WhatsApp groups from being created, screening social media platforms, especially as many of our learners are underage and posts are often NOT monitored.   These platforms creating much of the break in respect for adults and peers.  We would not want any of our children exposed to situations they have created and are not equipped to manage or solve.


 We all enjoy spending time in the sun, but too much time in the sun can be very harmful to us.  We need to protect ourselves from over exposure.  This is also true when it comes to technology. When used properly it is a tool we depend on, however it can be dangerous, especially for our children. 

“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice”

Be mindful that we are utilizing a single entry and exit point for all our learners, due to Safety concerns. A lack of school fee payments, from a large percentage of our parents, prevent us from employing more safety officers to ensure the safety of our learners at two entry points.

From approximately 900 learners, in the previous year, only 250 learners’ school fees were paid. This situation is disturbing as it becomes a challenge to encourage defaulting parents to pay, at least, a portion of the school fees. This deficit places much strain on our school fee paying community at YRP.

Note:  Parents have the option to apply for an exemption.  We find that this option is under utilized. This has an undesirable effect on staffing and the ability for effective teaching, due to larger class numbers. I appeal to all parents to honour their commitment towards the school and consider the impact on our children’s ability to have access to quality education.

We have noticed that learners are not being collected from school timeously, at dismissal. This is immense cause for concern as our educators cannot be monitoring learners at the collection points, due to administrative duties, amongst other commitments. Parents please be reminded that it is the winter months, we find ourselves in and leaving your children exposed to the elements of the weather, after school has dismissed, is negligent.  Should you have transport collecting your child, ensure that collection occurs soon after dismissal.

“A person raised off love and a person raised off survival sees the world differently”

Please take care of yourselves and we wish all learners a restful break. Learners who have not been academically successful need are encouraged to utilize their holidays for revision, as the third term promises to be exigent. I also wish to thank the parents who have sent inspirational words of encouragement to staff members in the form of praise and thanks, for the often-difficult work they are exposed to, on a daily basis. It is truly appreciated.

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