Circular 04/2021

Dear Parents/ Guardians

It has been a challenging month back at school as learners adjusted to attending school on a “regular “ basis post lockdown (According to Red/Blue Calendar).

I appeal to all parents to download The School Rise Communicator app as all correspondence with parents will be done via this platform.


I wish to thank all Parents who have paid their child’s stationery money and purchased all the necessary requirements to aid us providing all learners with quality education. However, it is disappointing to note that several parents have not yet paid their child/childrens’ stationery money. This is affecting the learning programme in the class and may lead to a huge backlog for your son/daughter.


It is essential that our school have all the relevant and updated information for each learner/parent. In light of this I thank all parents who have promptly returned the documentation listed below and urge those who have not yet returned the documentation to do so as soon as possible.

  • York Road Primary Data Information Sheet
  • Voters Roll Information Sheet
  • E-mail consent letter


Parents please note that Admissions for 2022 closes on the 26 March 2021. For any enquiries regarding admissions please contact Mrs. H. Louw at 021 704 1705 or email:


The Assessment Programme for Term 1 has started. It is therefore essential that your child attends school on a regular basis. Additional information regarding the Assessment Programme will be communicated to parents in the week ahead.


Please refer to the latest Red/Blue attendance calendar with regard to school attendance as the Public Holidays and Easter Weekend may affect the days on which your child should attend school. Dismissal times remain unchanged.

R08h00 – 13h0008h00 – 12h00
108h00 – 13h4008h00 – 12h05
208h00 – 13h4508h00 – 12h10
308h00 – 14h1508h00 – 12h10
408h00 – 14h2008h00 – 12h15
508h00 – 14h2508h00 – 12h15
608h00 – 14h3008h00 – 12h20
708h00 – 14h3508h00 – 12h20

It is disappointing to note that many learners are still arriving late for school, some as late as 08h40. This is in contravention of WCED Policy. Many learners are also collected well after dismissal times.

Please be punctual when dropping and fetching your children as they will not be supervised after school. Collecting children after dismissal times places your child at risk.


Please do not park at the access gates or on the bend in Lower York Road. Parking is available in all the side streets. Park away from the Access gates and walk your child to the entrance. It is our intention to maintain our positive relationship with our school neighbours so please do not park across their driveways or block the access to their premises.


Thank you to all parents who are courteous and respectful towards our safety officers, staff, neighbours and other road users. We appreciate your patience and co-operation.


Thank you parents for paying your child’s school fees. We appeal to all parents to continue paying School Fees as the funds are required to create a clean and safe environment as well as to provide quality education.

Please deposit school fees directly into the School’s Bank Account.

ACCOUNT NAME:York Road Primary School
BANK:First National Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER:5488 163 0403
REFERENCE:Name Surname and Grade of learner

Please send proof of payment to the Bursar by email:

In compliance with Covid 19 regulations, parents will not be allowed onto the school premises but are able to contact the school via: email: or Tel. no: 021 704 1705.

Yours in Education

(Acting Principal)



  TERM 1 (Updated 18 Feb. 2021)

(Subject to change)

10 thoughts on “Circular 04/2021”

  1. Teslyn van Niekerk

    Good day.
    The week of the 22 March the colours for groups are incorrect. We have notified the school but still no change

  2. Please note that the dates are not incorrect. These are the dates allocated to the colour groups in order to comply with WCED contact requirements.
    Thank you

  3. I agree with Ms Van Niekerk re the change of the groups as it inconvenience us now in terms of our children going to school on different days.

  4. Good evening

    The groups has changed and I understand why however who can I contact to allow my son to remain on the same days as before due to transport arrangements.
    Your assistance will be appreciated
    Thank you

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