2020 Circulars

Circular 20/2020

Dear Parent The Covid 19 Pandemic has resulted in one of the most difficult and challenging years in the history of Education in all of our lives as parents, teachers and learners alike.  Unfortunately, it is NOT over and it will continue to plague us all in 2021. Notwithstanding, York Road and its parent community …

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Circular 19

Circular: (Covid 19) 19/2020 04 December 2020  Dear Parents Attendance from the 7th – 15th of December 2020 will be according to the Red/Blue Group Calendar, commencing with the Blue Group  on Monday, 07 December 2020. DISMISSAL TIMES Dismissal times for the remainder of the 4th Term. DATE GRADE MONDAY – THURSDAY FRIDAY  07 – …

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Circular: 04/2020

11 June 2020 Dear Grade 7 Parents/Guardians The Grade 7’s first week back has gone extremely well despite parent’s anxiety and apprehension about the learners returning.  Thank you to all the parents for providing learners with the Covid Pack as requested in Circular 3. “Learners are also advised to bring hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wet wipes, …

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