2023 Parent Year planner




Learners’ first day

Learners stationery money to be paid

30/01/2023First Parent Meeting – Grade 6 & 7 (18h30)
31/01/2023First Parent Meeting – Grade 4 & 5 (18h30)

All notebooks and textbooks to be covered

1st Term School Fees due

First Parent Meeting – Grade 2 & 3 (18h30)


SGB Fincom Mtg (13:00)

First Parent Meeting – Grade R & 1 (18h30)

07/02/2023SGB Business mtg  (17:30)
20/02/20232nd Parent Meeting: Curriculum – Grade 7 (18h30)
21/02/20232nd Parent Meeting: Curriculum – Grade 6 (18h30)
21 – 24/02/2023Textbook Check – Gr.4-7 learners to bring all textbooks (covered with plastic and labelled – name, surname & Grade)
22/02/20232nd Parent Meeting: Curriculum – Grade 5 (18h30)
24/02/20232nd Parent Meeting: Curriculum – Grade 4 (18h30)
02/03/2023SGB Fincom Mtg (13:00)
06 – 17/03/2023Test Week
07/03/2023SGB Business Mtg (17:30)
13/03/20232024 Enrolment opens
14/03/2023SGB By-Elections
20/03/2023School Holiday (no school)
21/03/2023Human Rights Day (no school)
31/03/2023End of Term 1


12/04/2023Start of Second Term
12 – 14/04/2023Issue 2nd Parent Meeting option letters
13/04/2023SGB Fincom Mtg (13:00)

2nd Term School Fees due

2024 Enrolment closes

17 – 18/04/2023Issue 2nd Parent Meeting confirmation letters
18/04/2023SGB Business Meeting (17:00)
24 – 26/04/2023One-on-One Parent Meetings (2nd Mtg) Grade R – 7
27/04/2023Freedom Day (no school)
28/04/2023School Holiday (no school)
01/05/2023Worker’s Day (no school)
02 – 05/05/2023Textbook Check – Gr.4-7 learners to bring all textbooks (covered with plastic and labelled – name, surname & Grade)
04/05/2023SGB Fincom Mtg (13:00)
09/05/2023SGB Business Meeting (17:30)
18/05/2023Ascension Day
01 – 14/06/2023ASSESSMENT WEEK Grade R – 7
16/06/2023 Youth Day (no school)
23/06/2023End of Term 2


18/07/2023Start of Third Term
28/07/20233rd Term School Fees due
31/07/2023 – 04/08/2023Parent Meetings (selected learners)
09/08/2023Womens’ Day
10/08/2023SGB Fincom Mtg (13:00)
14 – 18/08/2023

Textbook Check – Gr.4-7 learners to bring all textbooks

(covered with plastic and labelled – name, surname & Grade)

15/08/2023SGB Business Meeting (17:30)
06 – 20/09/2023ASSESSMENT WEEK Grade R – 7
07/09/2023SGB Fincom Meeting (13h00)
12/09/2023SGB Business Meeting (17h30)
25/09/2023School Holiday (Heritage Day)
29/09/2023End of Term 3


10/10/2023Start of Fourth Term
12/10/2023SGB Fincom Meeting (13h00)
13/10/20234th Term School Fees due

Issue Notice for Budget Meeting (Draft Budget Ready)

SGB  Business Meeting (17h30) – Prepare the Budget

27/10/2023Mediator Fun Day
31/10/2023School Budget ready for preview
06/11/2023Letters for learners transferring out, to be submitted
07/11/2023SGB Business Meeting (17h30) – Finalize Budget
08/11/2023Grade R Concert
12/11/2023Orientation Day Gr. R & 1
13 – 24/11/2023ASSESSMENT WEEK Grade R – 3
13/11/2023 –28/11/2023TEST WEEK Grade 7
15/11/2023 –28/11/2023TEST WEEK Grade 4 – 6
30/11/2023SGB Fincom Meeting (13h00)
05/12/2023SGB  Business Meeting (17h30)
06/12/2023SP AWARDS
07/12/2023Mediator Excursion
13/12/2023Learners’ Final Day

(Subject to Change)

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  1. Dear all
    It is a good idea to have a diary, however I’m not sure who it is for. Should the parent make notes? Is it a parent teacher communications medium? If so, the one I purchased of last year has not been written in.
    If it is for the learner, at their tender age, they’ll take nearly forever to write a note. Would the teachers show them how to use it.
    1). Clarify what the diary is for
    2). If I have a diary of last year which is empty, why would I acquire another diary?

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