20 thoughts on “2022 School Admissions”

  1. Hi To whom this may concern,

    Please could you email me the registration forms for Grade R for 2022

    Thanks Regards
    Nyasha Kachikwa

  2. Jeremiah Mudonde

    Hi there,can you please email me the school registration form for my son ,for 2022 school year
    Kind regards

  3. Xoliswa Mcoseni

    To whom it may concern

    Could you please send me a registration form for a grade 4 student for 2022.
    Kind regands

  4. I made application on 21 February for 2 boys
    I. Fetman Grade R
    P. Fetman Grade 4

    We have not heard back from your school and would like to know if they have been accepted.
    Thank you

  5. Hi good day
    I desperately need to place my 12yr old son in school, I’ve tried all the surrounding schools in the Lansdowne area but they are all full. We live in Lansdowne.

  6. Hi good day
    Im desperately looking for a school for my 12yr old son. We homeschooled him since grade 4 until grade 6, we did this due to financial reasons. Please could you assist me.
    Thank you

  7. Good day

    I have sent emails with regard to my son’s admission to no avail. I don’t live too far from the school so I can walk to the school, but due to COVID I’m not sure if I should make an appointment, or I can just walk in and get assistance. Please assist.

    Kind Regards

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